Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I was wrong...Praise the Lord!!!

The 3 cousins: Campbell, Levi, Cason!!
I predicted that laura would have a boy from the gitgo, well I WAS WRONG. The Ellenburgs now have an addition to the family...a baby girl. In the book of Psalms, the psalmist David says that every thing that has breath should praise the Lord. Well we certainly praise the Lord for our newest family member, Campbell Elizabeth. I am an aunt for the first time!! The boys now have a cousin to play with, although, she'll have to like cars and balls because I have a good feeling Russsell will frown upon baby dolls and make-up. Russell's brother, Ryan, and his wife (who he met because of me and divine providence, also my roommate in college), Laura, had Campbell on July 17th. We made it to the hospital to be there when she was born that night. The boys weren't allowed to go back and see her so our visit was really short. Thankfully Shelley and Barret were there and stayed out in the waiting area with the boys so we could go hold the first little Ellenburg girl. She weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. and was pretty dadgum long. She looks just like her grandpa, Papa T so far (although I think you have to wait a while to be able to really tell). Please check out the slideshow labeled "Campbell". We are so proud of our niece. Praise the Lord, for He is good!! Hallelujah!!

Summer Trip #5: July 9-12 beach

Cason and Gigi catching some waves!!
Another road trip for the boys and me! Daddy stayed home to work, but, that's okay because we just went down to stay with Gigi and the Donovan kids for a few days. Mom is a nanny (and friend) for Caroline, Carson, and Ellie Donovan. She was at the kids' grandparents' beach house down in Murrell's Inlet while Bill and Angie (their parents) went on a cruise. Mom asked me to come down and stay for a few days...which Cason loved because he loves the beach and playing with the kids. We had a good time, but I didn't get to take that many pictures. We went out on the beach Wednesday for a couple of hours and then came in early for naps before we went to the Medieval Times dinner theater type thing. I don't recommend it, but, do what you like. I'd rather spend the money at the Hard Rock Theme Park next door to it. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it rained off and on pretty much all day. We were able to get in some flea market time when it was overcast on Friday but the only thing is that we didn't get any rain back home in the upstate. Saturday morning when we were leaving it was golden sun shiny, of course. I had a good time with mom and just hanging out with the kiddos. I also got to see Amber a couple of times in between her long work hours. She lives there now, ya' know. I saw the condo she lives in and it is nice. I miss her so it was good to get a little time with her. I can tell she misses the boys most!!I will say that the Bradshaw house is very big and very nice. Right down the road from their beach house was a monstrosity with a motorcycle built into a glass wall in the living room....I was close to knocking on the door to see if I could go in and see it (we only could see through the window from the road).

Pop and Janet come to town July 6

Pop and the boys

Since Amy was up the weekend of the 4th, Dad and Janet made plans to come visit us on that Sunday afternoon. We had a picnic at JB Owens Park right over here near the house. Dad picked up some KFC and came prepared with chairs, blankets, and coolers. All I contributed was a chocolate cake...I think he knows better than to have me cook. I was going to try though, but he insisted, plus, he got to play with Cason at the park. Cason loved swinging but I think Dad enjoyed going down the slide too much!!! It was a hot day but very fun! I'm glad we got to see them.
We have always loved swinging...although my hiny is a little tighter in the swing these days.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July

The week of July 4th Russell's family stays up at the lake. This year we stayed from Wed. until Sat. night and boy it was fun!!! Amy got to come up from Georgia and spend the weekend with us and she got to partake of the good times, too. We just ate and ate and played and played. Cason loves the hot tub but now I think he loves the jet skiis more. I made a slide show on another website and it has music with it. Check it out under Slideshows..

Cason on the boat in his "fag" outfit

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Trip #4 June 28 Stone Mountain, GA

Oh how I wish words could capture the events that took place in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Okay, well, I don't have that many pictures but I sure do have many, many memories. It all started with a "fuss and bustle" out the door because we did not leave at the designated time (clearly pointed out to Russell the night before). After finally getting to my cousins', Molly and Nate's, house it was all good. Levi of course had pooped and was crying as he met them for the first time. Anyway, after a little visit and playing football out in the front yard we finally decide on a place to meet up with all the rest of our family to eat.

playing outside was sooooooo hot!
Nate and Molly meet Levi.

Oh, wait, I failed to mention: this was a planned little family get together of all the cousins, aunts and uncles, and my 83 year old grandma.

So 18 people get a large area in Mellow Mushroom to eat. That was okay once everybody finally got their food, but, my good ole cousin Jim accidentally dumps an entire glass of freezing cold water across the table into my salad, my lap, onto the floor into my new purse and the side of the diaper bag. Thanks Jim for the cold shower.

one of our tables...

So after a couple of hours we finally finish eating making our way to the parking lot. Here we stand for another 18-21 minutes with everyone talking/fussing/sharing opinions of what to do next. My mom,aunts, and Ganmama decide we need to go to Food Lion to get discounted tickets to Stone Mountain Park. We pile into all of our cars to follow each other to yet another minor shananigan. This time Aunt Debra, Molly, and I are the only ones to get out and go in to purchase the discounted tickets with all of the pre-collected cash. We left the others sitting in the cars for about 15-20 minutes since we didn't add enough tax and collect the right amounts of money from each person... all-the-while we are using a friendly guys little "bonus card" while he waits and there was a language/communication barrier between us and the cashier guy, Shadeid. We did get the tickets!!

my cousin Meredith with Cason while we loiter in the parking lot.

We get to Stone Mountain Park and this is where the fun begins...ha...depends on your perspective I suppose but I will try to type it briefly. We take 30 minutes to actually park and get through the gate...maybe closer to 40 (literally). Wait, did I say through the gate, well not exactly we stop right in the middle of the little "building/gate/entrance" type thing to the park. I had a sense of accomplishment with 18 of us through the gate (this includes Russell and Uncle Mike who truly wanted to stay at the hotel and watch golf) once we all made it about 12 yards to a little curb where we stop to look at a map of the attractions in the park.

there we stop to loiter again in the way of the entire entrance,imagine that...we stand here for, no lie, another 20 minutes until we decide to proceed through the park.

So, after we finally get to a good walking pace looking for an activity to do (in this park that we paid $26 per adult to get into) we decide to stop at this rocky place for a family photo op...the best thing we did all day~

Gosh, we look like 3 mm big...the camera was on a rock.

Now more walking as it begins to get really dark in the sky and overcast (yet still sticky sticky hot). We end up at the cable car ride that takes you on a ride to the top of Stone Mountain and back down. Our family is separated...part of us get into a cable car that makes it to the top of the mountain around 3:00, not to come back down until almost 9:00, yes, that's a 9 not a typo and part of us were still in line waiting on the next cable car. Thank you Jesus I was in the part of the family that did not make it to the top! A huge storm came which causes the park people to shut everything down, meaning all 300 people at the top of the mountain must stay at the top of the mountain.When it was nice and sunny again we see the park has no power...yes, no power! So Cason was at the top with Gigi, Pappy, Aunt Debra, Uncle Van, Molly, Nate, Blake age 6, Ganmama age 83, just hanging out watching the storm and luckily (go Molly) playing cards for almost 6 hours of our alleged "family day." Meanwhile, down at the base of the mountain the rest of us, Renee, Jim, Meredith, Andrew, Mama Judy, Uncle Mike, Russell, Levi, and me, are left to find a little tiny diner to get out of the rain. With no seats and no air conditioning we sit and sweat and wait on the huge storm to pass. Well a long time goes by and finally the storm passes and we all leave the little diner to walk through the park hoping to find something to do. Well, with no power still, we find nothing that is up and running. Mama Judy, Meredith, Renee, Levi and I decided to pop-a-squat to people look. This was the most fun we had...we find mom's camera in the bag she left in Levi's stroller so we decided to take pictures of people (of course they didn't know we were taking their pictures because we would make out like we were aiming at one another or "birds" or "signs"). Hey, we got some cutie little guys on the camera for Meredith while we were aiming "at that Honey Baked Ham store." This was fun and passed a lot of time. Wonder what happened to those pics? We sent Jim, Russell, Andrew, and Uncle Mike to get into the car, go to the hotel, get Renee's van so we could all pile in and go eat. Its $8 to park so we didn't want to have all vehicles leave and re-enter.

So our group makes it to Applebee's down the way a bit. With the run of "luck" we'd been having all day I told Renee that they'd probably run out of food. Well the Lord has a sense of humor and they didn't have any Dr.Pepper or any Penne pasta when we ordered. Ha. Not surprised. Did I mention we were all sweaty, stinky and gross (except Levi)? Amy, the sister who was only 1.5 hours away in Columbus, Georgia was on her way to meet us around 6:30 all to have the same type of luck getting in traffic and lost making her miss all of our fun day by not arriving at Applebee's until a little after 8:00. That's okay...she got to cram in the van with us to make it back to the laser light show on the side of Stone Mountain. Yes, finally everyone on the mountain gets down the mountain and on the hillside at about 9:30 in time to see the lights and fireworks. Yay, we did one activitiy together and then had to pack it up. Russell, the boys, and I left Georgia about 10:45 to make it home so we could go to church. Now, how's that for one little day trip???? There is a picture slideshow with some pictures included from mom and Molly's cameras while they were stuck up on the mountain.

Summer Trip #3 June 21 Lake Keowee

Our 3rd little mini trip was just up the road a ways to Gram and Papa T's lake house. It is always a fun time here. We get to just relax, sun ourselves, get wet, and best of all EAT!!! Mama (Russell's grandma) or Joy cooks it up and we are just fat and happy when we are here. Cason loved riding in the kiyak with 2 of his favorite people in the world. He said the water was "cold!!!" Cason got in the hot tub and didn't want to get out. He was a little raisin after he stayed and played in there with his boat, float, the jets and hot tub lights.

I don't know why that all is underlined up above?????

Summer Trip #2 Columbia/Beach June 6-15

Trip #2 was when Levi was 3 weeks old. I had 3 baby showers to attend in one weekend in Lexington. My precious mother-in-law, Joy, went so she could keep the boys for me while I was having a shower marathon weekend. After Laura's shower on Sunday (my 3rd and final one), she, Joy, the boys, and I went down to North Myrtle Beach. Now that was a great, fun, relaxing week. Russell and his dad came down with us from Wednesday until Saturday.This year Cason loved the ocean and the sand. He would jump in the waves and play all in the sand getting from head to toe...then of course want to climb into my chair while I'm trying to get some sun. I learned to make this incredible cake while at the beach, so much so Laura helped me buy all the ingredients and a bundt pan in order to make it!! Yum! I make them regularly at home now. I can't wait until Levi can actually enjoy the beach next summer.

Summer Trip #1: June 2-3 North Carolina

Summer has definitely been a lot of fun for us. Starting off with Levi being born May 13th things have not slowed down. The boys and I have taken several little trips without daddy because he is so precious to stay home and work really hard so that we can play!! Thank you Jesus for our wonderful daddy! Anyway, our first little roadtrip was in the beginning of June to North Carolina so that Cason could introduce his little brother to his great grandmothers. Now let's talk about some little boys getting spoiled! Well, they spoiled me so I guess its only fair.Here are some pictures from our trip.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well friends, I've seen all of these nice savvy blogs you all are creating and I suppose it is time for me to attempt as well. I guess you'd say I'm "keeping up with the Joneses" but it is going to be difficult for me because I don't know how to work this blogger site very well. Russell is making fun of me because he thinks no one will read this and that I'm wasting my time...this may be true, but I sure do love reading about the lives of our friends and loved ones and especially checking out the pictures. I see how to upload pictures but I don't like that I can't move them anywhere I want them to be...I have to go with the layout the site provides which isn't that great. How in the world is everyone's site so nice with all the fun layouts for pics and arranged with slideshows and movies????? Please someone help me...I want to know how to create a slideshow and upload it. Help help!!