Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 2008 Christmas Holiday Extravaganza

Well if I was to say the month of December was a blur....I'd have 100s of pictures to remind me of the good ole times (literally 100s). Truly we had a very fun, blessed 2008 Christmas and it is not a blur.

Levi had his first Christmas and seemed in awe and amazement in the grandeur. He pretty much just loved trying to get on, in, or around the presents. As usual all he did all the time was grin and go with the flow.

Cason still doesn't really get the whole gift giving idea because he gets presents year round. He does know a little more about Jesus and his daddy Joseph and him mommy Mary Christmas. Yep, not a typo there, Cason said one day, " ...and this is Jesus mommy, Mary Christmas." Oh from the mouth of babes.

We traveled. We visited families. We celebrated and partied with friends. We worshipped at church. All in all it was a great time to remember our Savior's birth. I took tons of pictures so they are labeled over in the photo albums.

Our Schedule went something like this:
Dec. 6th: April cookie swap with gals
Dec. 11 Russell's company party
Dec. 13 Sunday school class party
Dec. 17 Russell's company took us to Rick Erwin's
Dec. 18 Meeting Caleb Jackson Boozer
Dec. 19 Tiny Town experience (to say the least)
Dec. 20 NC Christmas
Dec. 22 April's high school friends party
Dec. 23 Christmas Adam with Ellenburgs
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve morn with Mama and Papa
Christmas Eve night at the Ellenburg Home House
Dec. 25 Christmas Day at Gigil and Pappy's
Dec. 26 shopping
Dec. 31 New Years' Eve Fellowship at Wedgewoods