Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cason, Ready for the Big Screen!!???

Well, my eldest son may be ready for broadway and then onto the big screens of Hollywood~~~NOT!!! I say that so totally kidding because at Cason's first little Thanksgiving performance, he totally flaked! Russell, Levi, Gigi, and I had front row seats, seats that we had to throw a few elbows in order to get, so we could see our little Cason make his big debut. Well, he cried. The teachers walked out all the 1 and 2 year olds and put them on the steps of a stage dawned with spotlights and bright lights. Some kids were waving, some yelling out to their moms, some picking their noses, and Lo, there was Cason who sat on the step and cried. What a hoot! I tried to film some of it on my camera but I was getting too tickled. I'm still proud of my little "star" but I highly doubt that acting is in his future. I must remember, he's only 2. Here are some pictures, he's farthest to the left in khaki cords and a navy shirt.

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