Sunday, October 26, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Every year in the "off season" the gals on mom's side of the family venture off down to the beach for a girls weekend away. I've only been a couple of years since there are many by-laws and codes that qualify you as an "adult" so you can attend. They've gone as long as I can remember. Ganmama is almost 83 years old and still a "go git-um granny."My 2 aunts Mama Judy and Aunt Debra go along with momma, my 2 cousins Renee and Molly. We just eat and eat, shop and shop, and try to out talk the other. It is a great time of stories, flagellation, and loitering. Amber now lives at the beach but was able to join us some while working around her crazy work schedule. Check out the slideshow "girls just wanna have fun" for the lovely pics my camera took all on its own.

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